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Flood Water Extraction Company Lighthouse Point

Flood damage can describe a fairly large number of possible losses which are caused by water intruding. Water damage and flood damage can occur where water is able to attack and degrade a material, or system, by destructive processes; including the rotting of wood, growth, rusting of steel, de-laminating of materials such as plywood , and many, many others ways.

The water damage may be imperceptibly slow and minor, such as in small water spots that could eventually destroy a surface. It’s also possible for it to be instantaneous and catastrophic, such as in the event of major flooding. However fast it occurs, water damage is a very major contributor to loss of property and items.

Water damage can also arise from fire damage, broken pipes, blocked drains, malfunctioning appliances, storms and other situations. The appropriate treatment depends entirely on the nature of the damage. Some water carries various contaminants and should be considered hazardous.

Whatever the origin of water damage, the prospects for restoration depends largely on the speed with which your building and personal property can be thoroughly dried. Even clean water can generate a large amount of mildew and other bacterial growth, if neglected and left to fester.

Flood Water Extraction:
When you have no time at all to figure out who you should contact to remediate your flood problems, then we’re here for you. We never take advantage of your misfortune by overbilling, and will always provide an affordable rate.

We will get your flood water extracted and dried before it's too late, before more damage can be caused. Water Damage Lighthouse Point has expert technicians ready to be at your home or business NOW. We offer upfront estimates and phone consultations, for ease of service.

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We are very pleased with our new roof after our water damage disaster. Your technician did an amazing job working with us. We hope we do not need your service for a while, but we appreciate your expertise in dealing with us.

- B. Thayer